Tensor PC I20A Custom configuration

Tensor-I20 Multi-IoT is a fanless, fully configurable industrial PC, featuring IoT interfaces and full PC capabilities.
Ideal for IoT Gateways and Industrial Control stations.

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  • Storage
  • CPU
  • Max RAM
  • Display
  • Network
  • USB
  • Serial port
  • Power
  • Custom requirements

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Storage Storage required
CPU Intel Core i3-9100HL or Intel Xeon E-2276ML or Celeron-G4932E or Core i5-9300H or Core i7-9850HL
Max RAM Without RAM or 8GB or 16GB or 32GB or 64GB or 16GB ECC or 32GB ECC or 64GB ECC
Display Display required
Network Network required (WiFi, LAN, PoE, LTE etc.)
USB USB igény
Serial port I/O required (RS232/485/CAN etc.)
Power Power required
Custom requirements Other notes